Laser Tag - It's What We're Known For!

Designed for ages 6 and up (minimum 40" tall required)
Lightweight and accurate phasers and vests
A wide selection of team and individual games available

Your heart starts pumping as you put the LED vest over your head. You feel the power of the phaser in your hands. It's go time! You rush into the multi-level blacklit arena, smoke in the air, music in your ears. Quick, find an awesome position allowing you to watch your back while still tagging the opposing team. Or become a lone wolf, roaming the arena looking for the people wearing a different colour to you. Whatever you choose, you'll be exhausted and smiling from ear-to-ear when that final whistle goes signaling the end of your quest!

Whatever your reason to play Lazer Tag, whether it's a Birthday Party, Sports Team wrap-up event, Youth Group outing, Corporate Event, or just for fun, we're Edmonton's number one Laser Tag destination!

Drop-In Laser Tag Games

Regular Games


per person per game

Game Information

  • Each Laser Tag Game takes around 25 minutes from start to finish (safety briefing, getting gear, playing, getting scorecards)
  • A new game starts every 20 minutes during Regular Hours
  • While Drop-Ins are welcome (we'll put you in the next available game with space in) during peak times like weekends, we strongly suggest pre-purchasing tickets in advance to avoid a long wait.

    To pre-purchase tickets to specific games, give us a call at 780-800-4920 with a credit card.
  • All games are public, unless you book a 36 person party or purchase all 36 spots

Laser Tag For Special Events

Click below to learn more about hosting your special occasion of event at Laser City!

Laser Tag Features

Lightweight Equipment
Our equipment is the lightest in the industry. Even the youngest player can wear it!

Printed Scorecard
Compare your scores and take them home for permanent bragging rights!

Bases To Destroy
Tag the other team's base 3 times to destroy it and get an extra 1001 points for your team! Don't forget to defend your own base though

Designed for ages 6 and up
Players are required to be 40” or taller to participate, must be able to understand the rules and aren't afraid of the dark.
Laser Tag is also absolutely appropriate for adults too!

Second Level Viewing Room
Want to see what's going on in the Laser Tag Arena? Visit the second floor viewing room to see all the action for yourself!

Fully Supervised
Every game is led by a trained Marshal who explains the games and enforces the rules, keeping everyone safe

Highly Accurate
Nothing is worse than being sure you hit someone but it not counting. Our equipment hits every time!

Action Packed 15 Minutes
Each game itself is 15 minutes, but the whole experience (mission briefing, equipment, game, scorecards, etc) takes 20-25 minutes. You can do 2 games in 1 hour!

Different Game Modes
As well as Blue vs Yellow, we can also play 3 team, 4 team and individual games. Special games like Zombies are available at our special events too.

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