Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Action Packed Laser Tag for your next Birthday Party

You've got a birthday party to plan, and your birthday person has their heart set on Laser Tag? You've come to the right place! We are the Birthday Party specialists, hosting thousands of special days every year.

Starting at $189.99 our party packages include 2 adrenaline pumping games of Laser Tag in our MASSIVE two level UV Black Light Area. After your games, retreat to your reserved Party Tables for cake, pizza and gift opening.

Party Length

2 hours

The first hour of your party is your 2 Games of Laser Tag, with a short break between them.
The second hour is at your reserved party table(s) for cake, pizza, gifts, etc


Starting at $189.99

See below for all the packages and prices!

Age Range

6 Years To Adult

Laser Tag is designed for ages 6+.
Players are required to be 40” or taller to participate.
The Laser Tag arena has fog, is lit with UV blacklights and is quite dark, which some younger kids can find scary. Our equipment is super lightweight, but can still be too big and heavy for under 6s.
Adults are very much encouraged to play, and will have just as much fun (if not more!) than the kids!
And yes, we host Adult Birthday Parties!

Party Sizes

10 to 36 Players

We have packages for parties from 10 to 36 players. Our Laser Tag games are public, but if you book a 36 person party, you'll be the only people in the arena!

Book Online! See Live Availability and Book 24/7

Weekend Party Prices

Friday to Sunday

10 Players


16 Players


20 Players


36 Players


Weekday Party Prices

Wednesday and Thursday Evenings

10 Players


16 Players


20 Players


36 Players


VIP PArty Room Package

(Friday to Sunday)

16 Players


VIP Party Room Package Includes:
- 16 Players for Laser Tag
(additional players are $28.12, max 24)
- Private Party Room for 2 Hours
- 32oz Cotton Candy for each player
Plus everything included in the regular packages (drinks, place settings, free game voucher, etc)!

Important Notes
- Player numbers include the Birthday Person/People.
- Weekend prices are Friday, Saturday and Sunday
- Weekday prices are Wednesday and Thursday evenings
- Laser Tag games are public unless you book 36 Laser Tag spots
- Prices valid during regular hours only.
- Non-players do not count towards your numbers, but the number of party tables that you get depends on your player numbers.
- All prices are plus GST.

What's Included?

  • 2 Games of Laser Tag
  • 2 Hours of Party Table use
  • Pop or Water for all the players
  • Plates, Napkins, Cups and Spoons
  • Free Laser Tag Game Voucher for a future visit for all players
  • Free Invitations for Download or Pick-Up

Food Options

Outside Food is Welcome!

Our party packages include drinks, and you're welcome to bring in any outside food. We even have a fridge and freezer for cakes!

Want to make it even easier? We can order pizza for your from Panago! They'll deliver it directly to your party table and you can pay the driver. We'll arrange pizza when you check-in for your party.

How To Book

Online, Phone or In-Person!
Click Here to see the available times and book online

Rather speak with us? No problem, just give us a call at 780-800-4920!

Want to book in person? Just drop by anytime during our Regular Hours!

However you book, we simply grab some details and payment for your party (credit card only for online or phone, everything else in person)

Optional Party Upgrades

Make your life easier and your party awesome with our Party Upgrades!
Either purchase in advance when you book online, or when you arrive (subject to availability)

Cotton Candy

32oz Containers
- Laser City themed Cotton Candy
- Makes a great Loot Bag alternative!
- Complete with "Thanks for Coming" stickers
$3.99 each

Frequently Asked Questions


Click to Download
or visit us to pick up
your Free Copies

Can we bring in our own food?
Yes! You're welcome to bring in your own food!

All of our party packages include Pop or Water for all the players, but you're welcome to bring in other drinks.

We can also order pizza for your party from Panago. When you arrive and check-in, we'll give you an order form. Simply fill it in, give it back to us right away and we'll order it on your behalf. Panago will deliver your fresh and hot pizza directly to your party table at the right time and you pay the driver yourself. Normal Panago prices apply.

Do you have a Fridge or Freezer for cakes?
You bet! Just give your cake to the front desk when you first arrive.

Can we host a party outside of your regular hours?
Absolutely! We'd love to open up just for your party. We charge a minimum of $389.99 which includes 16 players. Just call us at 780-800-4920 to book.

When do we get access to our party table(s)?
You'll be able to use your party table(s) for the time of your party. So if you're party is from 2pm to 4pm, your party table(s) will be available at 2pm.

Can we decorate the party table?
Yes, but please do not stick or pin anything to the walls or tables. Table cloths and helium balloons are the best way to theme your event!

What's the ages for Laser Tag?
We recommend ages 6+. Players are required to be 40” or taller to participate.

When should we and our guests arrive?
Your first Laser Tag game briefing starts at the start of your party, so we suggest telling your guests to arrive 15 minutes before the party time. As the organizer, you should be here shortly before then.
There's no need to be here super early to setup, as your players will be playing Laser Tag for most of the first hour, so there's plenty of time to setup your party table.

Can we watch the games?
Yes! One of the unique features of Laser City is our second-level Viewing Room with massive windows into the Laser Tag Arena. Obviously to really experience the action, we recommend you play (players of all ages will love it!), but if you can't for whatever reason, you can still enjoy the action from the Viewing Room.

How long is each Laser Tag game?
Each game takes about 25 minutes in total, including the safety briefing, getting geared up, playing, taking off gear and getting your scores. The actual game time is 15 minutes. The first hour of the party is two games of Laser Tag with a 10 minute break between them - perfect time for a quick drink, washroom visit and comparing scores!

Do we need waivers?
Nope, not for Laser Tag

How many players should I book for? What if my numbers change?
We will guarantee you space for the number of players you book for, and because of that, you cannot drop down in package size after you book.

If you need to add more players after you book, give us a call, and if we have space, we'll add them. We'll of course try to add them on the day too, but can't promise there's space in the games for them.

What's your cancellation policy?
All payments are non-refundable, but you can change your date and time once, and/or upgrade your package, up to 72 hours before your booking.
Got more questions? That's OK! Just call us at 780-800-4920 or email

Book Online Today or call 780-800-4920

Laser Tag Features

Lightweight Equipment
Our equipment is the lightest in the industry. Even the youngest player can wear it!

Printed Scorecard
Compare your scores and take them home for permanent bragging rights!

Bases To Destroy
Tag the other team's base 3 times to destroy it and get an extra 1001 points for your team! Don't forget to defend your own base though

Designed for ages 6 and up
Players are required to be 40” or taller to participate, must be able to understand the rules and aren't afraid of the dark.
Laser Tag is also absolutely appropriate for adults too!

Second Level Viewing Room
Want to see what's going on in the Laser Tag Arena? Visit the second floor viewing room to see all the action for yourself!

Fully Supervised
Every game is led by a trained Marshal who explains the games and enforces the rules, keeping everyone safe

Highly Accurate
Nothing is worse than being sure you hit someone but it not counting. Our equipment hits every time!

Action Packed 15 Minutes
Each game itself is 15 minutes, but the whole experience (mission briefing, equipment, game, scorecards, etc) takes 20-25 minutes. You can do 2 games in 1 hour!

Different Game Modes
As well as Blue vs Yellow, we can also play 3 team, 4 team and individual games. Special games like Zombies are available at our special events too.

Book Online Today or call 780-800-4920