Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Where are you located?

We're located in South Calgary, on MacLeod Trail.
We took over the former Laser Quest (and made it way cooler!) We're in the same building as Party City.

Do we have to make a reservation to come?

For Laser Tag you're welcome to drop-in and we'll put you in the next available game. We start a new game every 20 minutes during our regular hours. If you'd prefer, you can pre-purchase your tickets in advance by credit card by calling 403-640-1245

Do you have an arcade?

Yes, we have a wide selection of arcade games. They each cost $1 (a loonie). We have a change machine also.

Do you offer Mini Paintball at the South location?

We don't, no. But it is available at our North Calgary location near the airport! Learn more here

Do you make donations for silent auctions?

Yes, we'd love to support your event. We can't donate to everyone, and we generally only donate to causes supporting children. Please visit the Donation Request Page.

Laser Tag Questions

Do I need to make a booking to come and play Laser Tag?

You're welcome to drop-in anytime during our regular hours and we'll put you in the next available game. We start a new game every 20 minutes. If you'd prefer, you can pre-purchase your tickets in advance by credit card by calling 403-640-1245.

How old do players have to be?

We strongly suggest ages 6 and up, because we know every 6 year old will have a great time. Kids under that age are sometimes afraid of the dark or can't follow the rules. We have the occasional mature 5 year old play, but please be aware that we can't offer refunds if they quit the game or change their mind.
We do require every player to be taller than 40".

Does it hurt? Is it dangerous?

No, and no. The lasers are 100% harmless and cannot burn or damage eyes. And as long as the safety rules are followed (mostly the no running, crouching, lying down or physical contact ones), there's no way to get hurt in the arena.

How long is a game of laser tag?

Each Laser Tag Game takes around 25 minutes from start to finish (safety briefing, getting gear, playing, getting scorecards). The actual playing time is 15 minutes.
If you do multiple games, there's about a 10 minute break between each game. Most people do 2 or 3 games (60-90 minutes in total).

Can you bring the laser tag equipment to my house or venue?

Unfortunately not. Our equipment can only be used in our arenas.

I have more questions about Laser Tag!

No problem, just visit the Laser Tag page for more information.

Party Questions

Do you have a fridge and freezer for cakes?

Yes! Just hand your item(s) to the staff at the front desk when you first arrive and we'll store it in the fridge or freezer until needed.

Can we bring in our own food and drinks?

Absolutely! You're welcome to bring in any outside food or drinks. All of our party packages include pop or water for all the players, but you're welcome to bring more.

How does ordering pizza work?

We can order pizza for your from Panago if you'd like. When you first arrive and check-in for your party, we'll give you an order form. Just fill it out, give it back to us right away and we'll order it on your behalf. Panago will then deliver it directly to your party table at the right time, and you simply pay the driver.
Normal Panago prices apply.

What's your cancellation and change policy?

All payments are non-refundable, but you can change your date and time once, and/or upgrade your package, up to 72 hours before your booking.

Can we bring in pinatas, confetti or silly string?

No, we don't allow them unfortunately.

Day Camp Questions

Who is the day camp suitable for?

Our Laser Tag camps is for kids ages 6 to 12

What's provided?

We provide all the required equipment and supplies, plus a pizza lunch, 2 snacks, and drinks.

I have more questions about Day Camps!

No problem! Visit the Day Camps page for more answers!