Educational STEM Field Trips

Become the Coolest Teacher Ever!

Our Educational Field Trip was designed in collaboration with Alberta teachers to provide students with a unique and engaging experience.

We do 2 interactive experiments that bring the science students learn in class to life in a one-of-a-kind way that’s hard to replicate in the classroom!

Students also get to play 2 exciting games of Laser Tag!


Visit Length

2 hours

We can customize the visit to fit your needs. Need to be in and out quickly? We've got you! Need to fill an entire afternoon? No problem!


$349 per Class

Up to 40 students. We can accommodate 2 classes at once!

Age Range

Grade 1 to 8

Our experiments are adjusted to fit the age group and which Units you're currently teaching.

What's Included?

  • 2 Fun and Interactive Experiments tied to the Alberta Curriculum
  • 2 games of Laser Tag for every student
  • Voucher for a Free game of Laser Tag on a future visit for every student
  • Stay for Lunch - use our Party Area for no additional charge
  • Bring your own food or we can order pizza for you
  • No waivers required
  • No parent supervisors or chaperones required

Curriculum Connections

Grade 1
Unit A: Creating Colour
- Identify, compare, contrast, and create colours
- How different primary colours of light combine to form new colours
- Learn how light behaves when it passes through transparent, translucent, and opaque ones

Unit D: Senses
- Identify each of the senses (especially sight and touch)
- Use senses to identify and describe characteristics of objects and materials

Grade 4
Unit D: Lights and Shadows
- Identify sources of light and infer light beam pathways
- Classify materials as transparent, translucent or opaque, and describe the interaction of light with them
- Demonstrate that light travels outward from a source and continues unless blocked by an opaque material
- Recognize that light can be broken into colours and that different colours of light can be combined to form a new colour
- Recognize that light can be reflected and that shiny surfaces, such as polished metals and mirrors, are good reflectors

Grade 8
Unit C: Lights and Optical Systems
- Different sources of light
- Investigate light beams and identify phenomena that provide evidence of the nature of light (e.g., what happens when viewing the passage of light through foggy air)
- Investigate how light is reflected, transmitted, and absorbed by different materials
- - Describe differences in the optical properties of various materials
- - Compare light absorption of different materials  
- - Identify materials that transmit light    
- - Distinguish between clear and translucent materials    
- - Identify materials that will reflect a beam of light as a coherent beam

Event Prices

Per Class


Up to 40 Students, plus GST
(we can accommodate 2 classes in 1 visit, max 80 total students)

How To Book

Complete the form below to let us know when you'd like to come. We'll get back to you ASAP with availability.

You're also welcome to give us a call at 403-744-4121

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Frequently Asked Questions

My school board says we can't do Laser Tag for insurance reasons
We've heard this a couple of times, and we've almost always been able to work with either the school board or their insurance provider to make it work. We're fully insured and able to add the school board to our insurance policy as a "named insured".
Put us in touch with someone from your school board and we'll get it sorted!
We're already an approved vendor for many boards, and also have an arrangement with boards covered by the "Alberta Risk Managed Insurance Consortium (ARMIC)".

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes! You're welcome to bring in your own food for lunch. You can use our party areas at no additional cost. Just let us know when you book.

How do we book and pay?
Complete the inquiry form on this page and we'll get back to your ASAP with availability. If you'd like to then book, we'll send you a link to make the payment by credit card. We do take the full payment ($349 + GST per class) at the time of booking.
We can also accept cheques, but your booking isn't confirmed until we've received the cheque.

What's your cancellation policy?
Payments are non-refundable, but you can re-schedule your booking once up to 72 hours before your booking.

Is there parking for school buses?

Do you require waivers?
No. There's no waivers required for Laser Tag. It's regarded as a low risk activity.

Do we need to provide parent volunteers or chaperones?
No. Our staff will lead the experiments and Laser Tag games. We only require 1 teacher per class.
You're welcome to bring parent volunteers, but they're not required.

Can teachers and parents play Laser Tag?
Yes! We can accommodate a maximum of 40 players in each game, so as long as your students aren't taking all 40 spots, you're welcome (and encouraged!) to play Laser Tag with them!

What ages or grades is this suitable for?
Laser Tag is suitable for ages 6 and up. All players must be 40" tall, which basically every 6 year old is.
Our experiments are broad enough that they provide value to students from Grade 1 to 8. We customize the level of detail to fit the age range.

Is the event private?
Your games of Laser Tag and experiments will only be your group. Occasionally they'll be other groups in the facility (usually other schools), but generally you'll also be the only people in the facility.

I have more questions!
No problem, we've got answers! Get in touch.

Got more questions? That's OK! Just call us at 403-744-4121 or email